22 December

Fifth Quarterly Recognition Award Winner: Fahima Mulla



Amidst the whirlwind of tasks and responsibilities, it's easy to overlook the little things that make a big difference. But sometimes, those unnoticed actions, fuelled by dedication and kindness, shine brightly enough to capture our attention. Today, we proudly announce Fahima Mulla from the payroll team as the WDS Quarterly Recognition Award winner for the quarter ended on 30 September 2023.


Choosing a recipient for this honour was no easy feat. We were inundated with nominations, each showcasing remarkable individuals who embody our company's values in their everyday actions. Yet, among these shining stars, Fahima stood out for her unwavering commitment and exemplary work ethic.


Nominated by her colleagues Debra Fossett and Amy Sandy, Fahima's dedication and positivity are evident in every facet of her work. Debra and Amy highlighted Fahima's willingness to lend a helping hand without hesitation, her meticulous approach to tasks, and her ability to maintain a cheerful demeanour even during the busiest of days.


"Fahima is an invaluable team member," wrote one colleague, "always the first to offer help wherever she can." This sentiment was echoed by another nomination, praising Fahima as a "true trojan, cracking on with large payrolls and keeping herself and her workload steady."


But it's not just Fahima's professional competence that sets her apart; it's her personal touch and genuine care for those around her. Colleagues marvel at her personable yet professional communication style, noting how she goes above and beyond to build meaningful connections with clients.


"She is very approachable," one nomination reads, "she takes every telephone call and answers my questions straight away." Another colleague adds, "she is reliable – nothing is too much trouble, she never says no."


Indeed, Fahima's contributions extend far beyond the confines of her role, leaving a lasting impact on both her team and our clients. Her unwavering dedication to excellence, coupled with her warmth and kindness, embodies the spirit of the WDS Quarterly Recognition Award.


On behalf of the entire company, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Fahima Mulla. Your hard work, dedication, and exemplary character serve as an inspiration to us all. Thank you for everything you do, Fahima. You are truly deserving of this honour.


Let us all take a moment to celebrate Fahima's achievement and reflect on the power of recognising the extraordinary in the ordinary. Here's to Fahima and all the unsung heroes among us – may your continued dedication inspire others to reach for their best selves, creating a ripple effect of positivity throughout our workplace and beyond.

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