28 November

Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from 'The Walters' 2023 at WDS


At WDS, The Walters' is not just an awards ceremony; it's a celebration of the incredible talent and dedication within our firm. This year's event was nothing short of spectacular, filled with anticipation, recognition, and heartfelt applause. Let's dive into the highlights and meet the outstanding individuals who earned their well-deserved accolades:


BEST NEWCOMER: Ellie Peterson - Northallerton

The first award of the evening, "Best Newcomer of the Year," was a testament to the exceptional talent that continues to join our ranks. Ellie Peterson from our Northallerton office stood out not only for her outstanding accountancy skills but also for her integral role in the team. Ellie's quiet yet significant contributions, coupled with her support during the integration of additional fees, have made her an invaluable part of #TeamWDS. Congratulations, Ellie, on a stellar start to your accountancy career!




In the category of "Best in a Supporting Role," Sam Dillon shone brightly. Sam's unwavering commitment, reliability, and exceptional work ethic have not only supported their team but also laid the foundation for the success of the Wealth Management team. Sam's quiet achievements have spoken volumes, and it is with great honour that we present the Wealth Management arm's first Walter to Sam Dillon. Here's to the solid foundation that propels the team to new heights!




The "Breakthrough Artist" award recognised an individual who not only excelled in their role but also embraced change with enthusiasm. James Herd from Bradford exemplified this spirit, showcasing outstanding adaptability, commitment, and a joyful approach to client relationships. Despite challenges, James seized opportunities, excelled, and truly broke through. Congratulations, James, on your well-deserved recognition as the Breakthrough Artist of 2023!



EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR: Jack Hewitson - York

In a short span, Jack Hewitson has become synonymous with dedication, passion, and unwavering support for WDS. As the recipient of the "Employee of the Year" award, Jack's impact on both the Wealth Management and Accountancy teams has been profound. Jack's commitment to the WDS brand, relentless networking, and exceptional client relationships have played a pivotal role in the firm's most successful year. Congratulations, Jack, on being our Employee of the Year 2023 – a true embodiment of WDS values and a driving force for our future success!


'The Walters' 2023 was a night filled with applause, joy, and a celebration of excellence. As we look back on this memorable event, we are inspired by the incredible talent within #TeamWDS and are excited about the bright future that lies ahead. Here's to continued success and all the remarkable individuals who make it possible! ??


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